Vince Cable backs my call for county-by-county reporting

I read earlier today that Vince Cable has agreed with me over the need for county-by-county reporting and cites the case of Starbucks in his reasoning.

The Telegraph does misrepresent Vince’s point in their article. They seem to think that he thinks that Starbucks have paid the right amount of tax.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. I personally exposed Starbucks and have written a book, Cashing In by Murphy Richards, showing the in-depth research I did to prove beyond any doubt that Starbucks were immorally avoiding tax.

It’s obvious that they’re avoiding tax. I looked at their accounts and they weren’t making profits. Starbucks must have been doing that deliberately. There’s no other possible explanation.

If there was, I would have been the first to think of it because I know an awful lot about tax.

Even that idiot David Cameron could follow the logic.

But now The Telegraph is suggesting that Vince is suggesting that they weren’t deliberately losing money but doing it by accident. That’s nonsense.

Multinational businesses never make losses accidentally. Ever. To suggest otherwise is absurd and plain sophistry.

It is obvious that Vince, a man who often travels on the Clapham omnibus, must realise that Starbucks are immoral tax avoiders and he has been somehow quoted out of context.

It is now widely acknowledged that Starbucks are immoral and that they have avoided billions of pounds of corporation tax. There’s no point refuting it, especially not now that I’ve published a book stating categorically that they have.


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