BREAKING: Horse DNA found in milk?

Here at the Justice for Taxes Network I have long warned about the human food chain being infected with unusual animal products by tax avoidance. This horse meat scandal is of no surprise.

In fact, I can now reveal the next horrific revelation. Horse DNA, and worse, is soon to be announced as being found in our dairy products.

Milking the horse scandal

A “dairy” farm

This picture was taken earlier today by a JTN operative. It shows a horse being milked shortly before it is sent to slaughter. We cannot confirm that Lance Armstrong was not present.

It is thought that David Beckham was then going to smuggle the contents of the bucket into the UK as he returned home from work at footballing in France. This is thought to be a lucrative sideline in his tax avoidance business.

Tax avoidance is a profitable business in itself, making billions of pounds out of nothing for the average tax avoider, but soft criminal activity (avoidance being immoral and therefore illegal, but not actually not legal) leads to harder criminal activity and Beckham has found a taste for blurring the legal lines of the law in this country.

Now he is selling any sort of milk he can lay his hands on just because we do not label our dairy products as “Cow’s milk”. There are rumours that he has now bought a herd of Leonburger dogs, their milk apparently being indistinguishable from that of a cow’s.

This tax avoidance madness must stop.


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