Tax profession has its head in the sand in a bunker

The tax profession is frightened.

How do I know this? Well, certain individuals are busy citing facts which contradict what can now be described as “The Über-Facts” concerning tax avoidance.

The Über-Facts are that tax campaigners such as myself are incontrovertibly right and tax professionals are horribly wrong. So we can basically dismiss their arguments because they’re an ad hominem attack.

Tax professionals spend all day working on tax whereas I have transcended my clients to become a champion for Justice for Taxes. No longer do I have to worry about what the law actually means and how it is implemented in practice. I can focus on the über-practicalities such as whether tax is ever really ours and other other highly pragmatic issues.

Fortunately, I receive grants and subsidies which allow me to maintain my lifestyle. And, of course, to devote my every waking moment to Justice for Taxes.

But back to the tax avoiders. Do you know what tax professionals do all day long? I do.

When they’re not devising offshore tax avoidance structures they spend their time making crank calls and sending time-wasting letters to HMRC. Why are they doing this instead of behaving ethically and accepting the facts presented to them by HMRC?

Well, it’s all part of the global conspiracy by the tax profession to squander the resources of The State to allow a torrent of tax avoidance and evasion to continue and this stretch The State further.

The reason I know is that a long time ago I was once an accountant in a tax department at a big firm so I know what all tax advisers are like now.

And I know that they are all cowering in their bunkers waiting for the A-bomb of Justice for Taxes to fall.

And it will fall. And soon. And very soon.

That’s why tax professionals are spending all their time trying to appear on television and get quoted in newspapers, desperately trying to convince the world that their estimates and theories are correct despite being discredited in laughable fashion.

That’s why they’re desperately trying to cash in through books and e-books while the topic is popular with the public.

That’s why they accuse me of making ad hominem attacks on them.

That’s why they attack my ethics and then get all precious when I question theirs.

It’s because they’re frightened.

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