Margaret Hodge to summon Usain Bolt to PAC to discuss “undue influence”

I have heard this very afternoon that Margaret Bodge will summon Usain Bolt to appear in front of her Public Accountability Court (as it is correctly named) to explain his undue influence in UK tax policy decisions. This is in light of George Osborne’s announcement that the anniversary of the Olympic Games would be marked with some celebratory celebrity tax avoidance.

Hodge, who has recently declared that “2013 will be The Year of The Tax Prat”, said she will call on Usain Bolt to explain why he has exerted his discretion so as never to come to the United Kingdom in a way that means we can then tax him on a proportion of his worldwide income. This has had a detrimental effect on people’s perception of Hodge’s ability to call people immoral over tax avoidance.

SAS 4 Squadron has been authorised to bring him to the session by “any means necessary”.

We have seen Usain Bolt exerting his influence in many ways. In particular, on one piece of marketing material you can see that he personally wrote the rules on “controlled foreign companies” and lobbied relentlessly for the patent box.

Margaret is expected to ask him why he has been deliberately inserting these loopholes.

I asked Margaret whether she would be deterred from interrogating Bolt if he were to successfully be elected Pope. To this she replied “I don’t care whether he is Pope Leo XIV or not, I’m going to hold him to account as I would anybody else. That means I’m not going to let him finish a sentence.”

Thank heavens for the Hodge.


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