EXCLUSIVE: Beef found in French horse stew

French food inspectors have been shocked to find that various ready meals of pot-au-feu de cheval have been found to contain as much a 100% beef.

One Frenchman said “this is revolting. I cannot believe that I have eaten cow meat which has been cooked. That’s disgusting.”

This comes in a week where David Beckham has been lambasted by men on omnibuses everywhere for alegally reducing his tax liabilities in France by giving all his salary from kicking a ball to an unnamed children’s charity and French rugby players have competed at a suspiciously sub-par level.

Is it a coincidence that France contrived to lose to Italy? With the news that horse meat has been found in lasagna, an Italian dish, I think not.

This is clearly all a part of Euro-sceptic Conservatives plan to drive a wedge amongst the EU states.


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