David Beckham’s morally repugnant gift to children’s charity mocks French taxman

As so many people have been finding my blog through my exposé on David Beckham’s alegal tax dodging, I feel obliged to write another post on the subject.

Firstly, we can dismiss the idea that because it’s for charity it’s not tax avoidance. He is abusing the charitable donation rules to give all his money to a bunch of kids rather than letting the rightful owner of that money, The State, decide how much they should receive.

That’s clearly immoral so it must be illegal and therefore it is tax evasion, though clearly his actions are legal. Therefore his actions are not legal and not illegal, hence alegal.

The real victim of his immoral behaviour is not the French taxpayer. Nor is it the UK taxpayer. No, it is the charity that he is giving the money to.

The French children’s charity (as yet unnamed) must feel awful that they are being abused in this way by such a neoliberal rent-seeker.

Those poor children will know for the rest of their life that the support they received growing up cost some hard-working French farmers the subsidy that they need in order to not grow their crops this year.

What’s worse is that “Becks” doesn’t even deserve the money in the first place. His money is made from kicking a football. It’s depressing that he has not chosen a more worthwhile career, such as tax campaigner or political economist.

But even less worthy is that he gets lots of cash from “sponsorship”, ie being a bit of a looker. It is this income which he should give away.

That income is probably being taxed in some sordid tax haven at an immoral rate. The USA or the UK would be my guess.

Instead, he’s giving his French money away which is taxed at a higher rate. If he doesn’t want the money, fine, give it away. But don’t deny The State its rightful cut of three-quarters of that money. That’s morally repugnant!

Currently I am translating my General Rule Against Planning Intentionally Subverting Taxation into French. This would certainly prevent him from avoiding tax in this manner.

That’s a fact.

But my GRAPIST is necessary in this country too because we have similar loopholes.

In this country many immoral accountants and sociopathic tax advisers promote an avoidance scheme called ‘gift aid’.

For the sake of charities everywhere we must close the gift aid avoidance scheme once and for all.


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