And the winner is….

As you will recall I said that today I would announce the winner of my amazing competition to purchase Cashing In by Murphy Richards.

You will recall I asked for answers that completed the phrase:

“I deserve to be the first person to read Cashing In by Murphy Richards because…”

Many of the responses have been of very good. I particularly liked this one from Mr Andrea Bocelli:

“… I firmly believe that nobody else should see this book before I do.”

Unfortunately you don’t win. But only because the winning entry was so good. Drumroll please….

… the winner is Miss Maureen Kipkalya Kones with this

“…i ran away and traveled to Burkina Faso and had a discussion with Bank Managing Director to make some withdrawal of the money for a better life, so i can take care of myself and start a new life again, the Bank Managing Director whom i met in person told me that my father’s instruction in his will was the inheritance money would only be release to me when i present a Reliable Foreign Trustee who would help me and invest the money overseas.”

Congratulations. I will be in email contact with you shortly to arrange to send you my book and to discuss that other matter.

Well done.


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