EXCLUSIVE: David Beckham’s immoral tax dodging

David Beckham, aka Golden Balls, has shown a gross disrespect for French tax laws through his immoral behaviour of donating his salary to charity.

I don’t know anything about French taxes, I’ve always considered them to be a French lawyer’s tax, but I understand they’re the most sensibly high in Europe.

But by giving away his salary, Beckham probably avoids taxes altogether. Such a flamboyant gesture gains Beckham further advertising on a global scale.

But where are David Beckham’s brand and image rights based? That’s right, Beckham is a director of a company called Beckham Brand Limited which is based in a horrible little tax haven island called the United Kingdom.

Given the reported profit margins on the shirts he will sell, he might be channelling obscene profits to be taxed in a low tax jurisdiction at the expense if the honest hard working taxpayer.

Golden Balls’ behaviour is obviously alegal and immoral, so it must be tax avoidance which is legal but immoral, and therefore illegal, because it is cheating, which is illegal, which means that this is tax evasion and Beckham should be deported but Beckham hasn’t actually done anything illegal.

Only some sort of neoliberal sophist could argue with that logic.

This exclusive had been another well-researched article by Murphy Richards, author of Cashing In by Murphy Richards which will be available in only ethical book shops shortly.


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