Some reviews of my new book Cashing In by Murphy Richards

As I mentioned last week, my wife Jill has suggested my new book for her book club. This means I’ve had eight sales before publication already!

I must point out that Jill paid full retail price for her copy. It was Susan Millard who refused to buy it and she said she’d “share” Ruth Parish’s copy. We shall be settling this matter in small claims court but I wanted to make it clear that there is no favouritism in the Richards’ household.

Responses have been very good and I think you’ll agree with some of the quotes once you have purchased your own copy.

“Murphy Richards clearly has a unique understanding of the legal system in this country. I am so glad that he has moved away from practice to spend all his time writing and promoting his books.”

“Murphy has written a book that challenges the reader in every conceivable manner.”

“The publication of this book is a remarkable achievement in itself.”

“I couldn’t wait to finish it.”

“If I had to pick one thing I liked about this book it is this: there are more pictures than I had expected.”

“I understand why Jill was so keen for us to read this book. It explains an awful lot.”

“The dedication of the book to himself seems an appropriate tribute by Murphy.”

“This book captures Murphy’s personality perfectly.”

“I am sure it is some sort of triumph.”

I expect this will have whetted your appetite for my book. On Monday I will run a competition which I will offer as a prize the opportunity to buy my book in advance of its release date.

As this is a prize, the price will be the post-publication retail price, as opposed to the preview price which I had to charge the book club.


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