Coming up Murphy at the House of Lords

Later on today I will be attending the House of Lords to give evidence to the Select Committee who have been specially appointed to dismiss Graham Aaronson’s useless GAAR and force the government to enact my superior GRAPIST.

Luckily, I don’t think Aaronson’s nauseating pleading or Malcolm Gammie’s less-than-objective support swayed the committee. They were obviously politically motivated.

Another stroke of luck is that the committee has an unusually high proportion of men. As we know, the House of Lords is made up predominantly of women. I had worried that a group of women might dismiss a man’s view out of hand.

Consequently, I am less concerned that Patricia Stevens and Belinda Dodwell are representing the views of sociopaths and lunatics from the tax and accounting professions directly before me.

I imagine they had hoped to play on the sexist prejudices of a Committee room full of Ladies. Well, I need not worry about a repeat of the Newsnight incident.

I also happen to know that one of the Lords in attendance today is an avid reader of my blog.

So far, everything is coming up Murphy.


One thought on “Coming up Murphy at the House of Lords

  1. I fear for my job in finance. Not because of the greed of the capitalist hordes, but of constantly laughing out loud at this superb Blog. Help me see the error of my ways by being less funny.

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