Lance Armstrong linked to horse meat burgers

Lance Armstrong has roundly been criticised for his neoliberal cheating to beat testicular cancer. He used private healthcare which is roundly condemned as immoral in the UK.

This immoral victory subsequently encouraged him to cheat in winning seven bicycle races in France. As we know, they eat horses in France.

Also, tax avoidance (the legal but immoral so illegal form of tax evasion) is cheating. So Lance Armstrong is guilty of tax avoidance too.

Sophists dispute this logic but most right thinking people agree.

So Lance Armstrong’s cheating can be linked to horse meat.

I think the timing of this is important to appreciate, Lance’s attempt to gloss over his cheating occurring shortly after the horse meat receptions.

Also, you’ll recognise that his choice of a soft interviewer, Operah, meant that he wasn’t even asked whether he was involved in the horse meat burger scandal.

Instead, Operah completely circumvented the issue of tax avoidance and horse burgers. I can tell as much from things that are not said sometimes.

Other questions not asked of Lance were:

Did you ever use horse blood for doping?
Do you expect us to believe it is just coincidence that you have you never eaten a value burger from any of the supermarkets implicated?
You have never sued anybody for implicating you in infecting beef with horse messy. Why is that?

I think these questions need answering as a matter of priority.

We now have a triumvirate crisis comprising the financial (tax avoidance), public health (horsebeefgate) and green agenda (morality of bicycling) which threatens to give neoliberals control of the political agenda.

I hope Ed Miliband will join me in calling for a public enquiry into Lance Armstrong’s involvement in the trading of horse burgers for tax avoidance purposes.


One thought on “Lance Armstrong linked to horse meat burgers

  1. Have to say that I suspect this is related to the illegal political party financing in Spain and tax avoidance and evasion. If you have any evidence please, give me Mr. Armstrong’s address and I will send some boys around to ‘clear up’ the matter.

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