[Victory speech / Gracious loss speech] #AAdebate DRAFT

As you know, dear reader, I have single-handedly been fighting hordes of tax professionals in the belly of the beast. Well, I am [glad/sorry] to say that [I won!/have graciously conceded.]

Despite providing the most rousing speeches and logically precise analysis, the horde of tax professionals came upon me strongly, never arguing the points always ad homineming me.

But I [prevailed in/fought valiantly until] the end. [Thankfully, many/Although many] of you went to Accountancy Age for the very first time at my urging [and it was enough!/but it was not enough.]

Forever more shall this debate go down as [my greatest victory/the moment we realised how close victory was] and be seen by future generations as a turning point in the debate on tax avoidance.

The tax avoiders rest uneasily tonight knowing that many of them turned on their own kind and voted  in favour of Justice For Taxes. They They saw the truth I speak.

Morality is a part of tax, and it always be. And that morality is basically a matter of opinion. Opinion is irrelevant when it comes to tax because the law tells us what is moral or not, so we can dispense with morality and focus on the intention of the law.

But, the law is unclear and is down to each of us to search our morals to find the right choice as to what tax we must pay. So tax is a matter of opinion.

But tax is not a mere matter of opinion or judgement. Tax is a matter of law.

Yes, we may have [won the battle/lost a skirmish] but the [war/battle]  continues.

Join me in [celebrating/commiserating] by buying one of 500 signed copies of my book, The Joy of Being a Tax Expert, available now on Amazon.


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