My winning contribution to the Accountancy Age debate

It’s disappointing to see that there are so many neoliberal sophists disagreeing with what is essentially a very sound argument.

Tax is a matter of morality, but there is no morality in tax. The opinion of the individual is the ultimate arbiter of what is moral, but what is moral is decided by the intention of Parliament.

99% of people always agree with me because my moral compass always points north. But their opinions are completely irrelevant because the line between morality and immorality is the definite line between what was intended by Parliament and what was not.

Of course, the intention of Parliament is entirely a matter of opinion which is why tax legislation is always so difficult for non-tax experts to understand. It says one thing when Parliament clearly intended something completely different, or it should have at any rate.

There is no room for morality in this debate because it is purely a question of law. People who don’t appreciate that are idiots.

Furthermore, they dismiss the idea that tax is a fundamentally moral concept.

I think we can safely say that they are wrong on both counts.

It’s that sort of sophistry which really winds me up.


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