The theory of evolution basically says that adapting to change through selection of those most suited to their environment, and the demise of those who are not, is how advanced species evolved.

HMV’s demise had been brought about by a failure to adapt.

That failure lies with the neoliberal media who have failed to adapt to the Justice for Taxes agenda to force a boycott of Amazon and businesses who have offshore online retail businesses based in such inauspicious places as Jersey or Guernsey.

Such companies include the ridiculously successful online retailers Play and HMV.

If newspapers had published more of my factually accurate opinions maybe we wouldn’t have seen businesses such as Play or HMV go out of business.

In the future, only those who understand that tax is a moral necessity will survive. And then we will once again have a thriving cassette-based music industry again.


2 thoughts on “HMV RIP

  1. HMV are obviously not, as you claim above, a “ridiculously successful online retailer”
    You are wrong and I claim my £5 tax free prize.

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