Subway’s immoral VAT challenge endangers 25,000 nurses

Evil American sandwich empire Subway have decided to endanger British citizens’ entitlement to free healthcare by suggesting that toasted sandwiches aren’t hot food and shouldn’t be liable to VAT.

This is totally morally repugnant.

Who eats a cold toastie? Nobody.

Parliament has always intended that a toasted sandwich is eaten whilst it is hot.

On the other hand pasties are intended by Parliament to be allowed to cool and congeal before consumption. That’s why George Osborne’s sacrilegious attempt to subvert the Will of Parliament was rebuffed by thousands of Courageous pastry vendors and pastie aficionados.

Of course, if you eat a pastie when it is still hot, you are committing a form of illegal tax avoidance. You should have asked for a cold pastie if you intended to eat it straight away or demanded to be charged VAT.

But putting the moral pitfalls of eating a hot savoury pastry snack to one side, the position on bread-delivered foodstuffs was always intended to be as HMRC maintain it is ever since the invention of the sandwich.

Subway’s selfish attempt to knock a few pence off their retail prices and keep a few more as profit (I have always maintained that VAT is suffered by both parties to the transaction, always) means that the government will need to viciously sack 25,000 nurses.

What Subway are doing may be legal, but it is totally immoral and unconscionable.

I have never eaten at Subway but I shall now do so pointedly. I am officially boycotting them.


4 thoughts on “Subway’s immoral VAT challenge endangers 25,000 nurses

  1. Are you on drugs?
    If you are try something stronger it may help keep you quiet, as what you have just written makes absolutely no sense.

  2. I don;t expect you to make any further comments, especially since you don;t know what you are blabbering on about in the first place!

    “I have never eaten at Subway but I shall now do so pointedly. I am officially boycotting them.”

    Sounds like you really enjoy your greasy pasties.

    Maybe if you went in to a Subway and tried the food you would have a better understanding of the issue on hand. Instead you sit behind your computer filling your blog about issues you have no real idea of.

    The prices in Subway have been uniform and lateral, even before the whole VAT fiasco was brought in to contention. This is evidently reflected through the fact that cold subs (such as ham, turkey, etc) are the same price whether or not they are toasted or served cold. The cost of standard rated products could easily be passed on to the customer by increasing the prices of these products, like many other establishment are doing. If anything it is the customer who will benefit from all of this.

    Judging by recent events in the news I think it is more than just 25,000 nurses that need to be sacked.

    And while we are on the topic of VAT, what happened to the promises of reverting VAT back to 17.5%? 20% VAT was supposed to be a temporary measure. How about you actually talk about the multiple failures in taxation policy, especially with this government, before you start talking about “Justice for Taxes”?

    Let’s just keep shafting everyone but the banks and the MPs.

    Now, enjoy your pasty and don’t let me catch you eating it hot or I am telling Mr Osbourne.

    • Let me dismiss this ridiculous response. You are obviously some sort of tax avoidance apologist.

      Firstly, saying that I am wrong is not debating. It is just trolling. By the way, you’ve spelt the chancellor’s surname wrong.

      Secondly, you have obviously made up all your facts because they do not fit my conclusions.

      Fourthly, of course I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been on television and everything. Have you? I don’t think so.

      Don’t you know who I am?

      I suggest you research the Justice for Taxes movement properly.

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