Pay MPs more to stop them behaving like money grabbing thieves

I have long argued that anybody who works in the public sector must not be motivated by personal profit or gain.

That’s the reason I think we should be paying MPs much more than we currently are. In order to attract those least motivated by money, we must offer to pay more.

Currently, MPs look to supplement their miniscule salaries by seeking income from banks or steel companies. If we paid them a proper living wage they wouldn’t have to.

They also have to claim expenses that have the appearance of not being legitimate by the spirit of the law and claiming tax relief on expenses in a way that is not even legitimate by the letter of the law.

How dare we force our beloved leftwing intellects to behave in this grubby corrupt fashion, ie like Tories.

Conservatives have no need to behave like that. They do it out of choice for ideological reasons. Whenever a Conservative sees an opportunity to cream money off anyone, he considers it poor form not to.

A higher entitlement to remuneration could see people of the calibre of union officials consider running for Parliament. Whereas money grabbing neoliberals would he deterred by the competition and seek easier opportunities to make money.

The Right are always saying that people should receive exactly the same pay due to some sort of natural entitlement rather then according to their individual worth. I fundamentally disagree with anything they say so I disagree with that.

As ever, you will find that I am right.


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