Alan Pardew is a depraved tax avoider for dealing with Putin

I have just heard that Alan Pardew has been granted Russian citizenship to avoid the increase in the top rate of French tax to 75%. Vladimir Putin has signed his citizenship request and he is due to be shipped from Newcastle to go manage Spartak Moscow tomorrow morning.

This behaviour is simply depraved. I can believe that Putin would do this sort of thing, with his 13% rate of tax, though I do admire how well they equip their tax inspectors with kevlar vests and firearms.

But I am shocked at Pardew’s behaviour. I was not even aware that he was a French citizen until I was told this by my wife just now.

If he has a decent bone in his body, he should turn down the citizenship document and insist on paying a higher rate of tax in the UK, like I made Starbucks do.



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