A Happy Birthday

Thank you all for all your birthday wishes, cards and presents. I have been having a lovely birthday (four the must part) with Jill, Murphy Jr and Murphy III pampering me rotten all day long.

Consequently, I have not had to lift a finger today and whilst those three have felt the need to have an early night, I have enough energy to write a short post regarding how fond of me you all clearly are.

Particularly, I’d like to thank all of you who have made cash gifts to the Justice for Taxes Network for my birthday. Some of you have had the forethought to make yours several months in advance.

In an entirely unrelated transaction I have sent, or will be sending, you a free copy of one of my books. Thank you for being so kind as to state your preference of State of Courage and The Joy of Being A Tax Expert so that I know which one is most appropriate to send you.

To those of you kind enough to gift £60 to JTN rather than the suggested amount of £30, I have generously sent you free copies of both books.

This apparent reciprocation is simply my generosity. It is categorically not a sale for VAT or income tax and NIC purposes.

Finally, some of you have sent presents for Jill and the boys. Whilst this is appreciated by them, it is not by me.

We had our Christmas celebrations on Sunday. Their presents should have arrived for then and not after.

It is simply not right that my birthday is spoilt by constant reminders that my celebratory day is shared with the pagan celebration of the winter solstice.

All of us have a birthday on which we are supposed to be the centre of attention. Why should mine be any different?

The boys belly-aching has been much worse than previous years, presumably due to the number of presents arriving late.

I will let them open them this coming Sunday instead.

In the meantime, I would like to offer you my gracious wishes on this day, the 57th anniversary of my birth, and ask you to join me in a prayer for Justice for Taxes and good will* to all men.

*NB note that this is NOT goodwill – you know my feelings towards “intellectual property”.


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