starbucks and (tax or taxes or zerga or zergak or падатак or падаткаў or данък or данъци or impost or impostos or porez or porezi)

Isn’t it funny that whenever somebody finds my blog using the search term above, which I regularly do, I get a corresponding visit from the Netherlands.

Netherlands, as we know, is rather like the Europe’s Death Star for tax evasion. I use tax evasion to describe the activity commonly referred to as tax avoidance, but since it is cheating, and therefore illegal, it is therefore technically tax evasion technically.

Netherlands is also home to the European headquarters of Starbucks, which adds no economic value to their European venture and warrants no payment whatsoever.

It is no surprise that Starbucks’ lawyers are trawling the internet for evidence of defamation. They shan’t find it on this blog because my logic is inescapably precise and correct.

What is morally repugnant, however, is the fact they are using Google to conduct their search.

Starbucks’ lawyers, you are immoral neoliberal sophists! Now buy my book or piss off.


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