It doesn’t matter that Andrew Mitchell didn’t say the word ‘pleb’

The new developments in the Andrew Mitchell plebgate saga are of very little interest to me.

Sure, the police could be lying, and it looks like Mitchell probably didn’t actually say the word ‘pleb’. But there’s one thing we can be absolutely certain of.

He wanted to call the policeman a pleb. He thought the word ‘pleb’.

Come on, of course he did. He’s a Conservative.

We know for a fact that as Mitchell stormed off he was thinking “f***ing pleb, I’m going to go and privatise the NHS to f*** you over in your old age, you pleb. Don’t you know who I am?”

And do you know what? He’ll never be able to prove that he wasn’t thinking that.

So it’s of no relevance what he actually said because it doesn’t alter the underlying issue which is that Mitchell is a bigoted neoliberal public schoolboy.


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