Public Accounts Committee – who won the Battle of Boothroyd Room?

To celebrate this blog’s monumental success this week, due almost exclusively to people googling search terms related to the PAC session with Starbucks Google and Amazon, I am issuing this poll to find out who won the Battle of Boothroyd Room in terms of who has gained the most from tax avoidance.

I couldn’t see all the participants from my position under the desk, so please feel free to add your own suggestions.



2 thoughts on “Public Accounts Committee – who won the Battle of Boothroyd Room?

  1. My name is Margaret Dodge and I am sick of being bad mouthed by this website for “tax hodging”, whatever that is. I see from this post that you are actually referring to Margaret Hodge, not me.

    However, I happen to run an independent steel shop in Ruislip, and I have started to get people protesting outside my shop on a daily basis. You know the sort of person I mean, angry and ignorant and unwilling to listen to reason.

    A relaxing ambience is essential in the steel shop industry and this is really deterring customers.

    Please could you check your spelling before you publish otherwise I will be forced to take legal action.

    Maggie Dodge

    • Maggie

      I suggest you change your name to avoid confusion. I have to work incredibly fast and don’t particularly care if I get things wrong, though I never do.

      It sounds to me like you’re trying to make excuses to the protesters. They are exercising their democratic right to protest against tax avoidance and even if they are in the wrong location it would be immoral to deny them that right.

      By having a similar name to Margaret Hodge you are only encouraging them to protest in the wrong place. What about their right to know exactly who they are protesting at? You are clearly talking nonsense and I will block future comments from you.


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