The discriminatory boot of Neoliberalism

Today, I found myself the subject of discrimination for the hundredth time in as many hours.

It seems that I am courting controversy everywhere I go. For example, I note that Linda Robson was chosen as the front page picture by the Evening Standard this evening, rather than my good self.


Overlooked by the front page again

This is in no small part down to the fact that I am a man and apparently do not warrant my picture on the front page of a free newspaper.

The fact I did not attend the Standard’s party due to being discriminated against and not invited is irrelevant. This presumably boils down to the fact that I am a man.

Well, today I made a comment on Accounting Web stating that tax avoidance was morally repugnant and failing to follow me on twitter was a sure sign of loving tax avoidance and being morally repugnant.

I received thanks from a few people before my post was removed and I was banned from their website forever.

I could tell you the reasons they told me but any person reading between the lines would reasonably conclude that the message was simple: “your kind aren’t welcome round here”.

I was shocked. All my professional career I have been regarded as an expert in my field and, despite being a man, I have never been treated this way. Not even when I demanded to play netball at university did I receive such openly ad hominem treatment.

So I have been incarcerated in the Accounting Web prison, probably never to see the cold light of day.

I don’t expect to be reprieved, not by sociopathic accountancy sophists, at least. No, they want to stay in denial about the need for Justice for Taxes.

They don’t want a constant reminder of the immorality of private sector ownership of stuff and how they support a system of Tax Apartheid.

It leaves me one thing to say: Free Murphy Richards.


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