First they ignore you, then they laugh at you

Most of you will be aware by now that I am the subject of sexual discrimination by Newsnight, as they refused to let me appear on television to discuss the Justice for Taxes agenda and my forthcoming book, The Joy of Being a Tax Expert, on account of me being a man.

Despite all my excellent work on the subject which has been through many peer reviews (from those at the Justice for Taxes Network – the only people capableof actually understanding my methods so intellectually rigorous are they) and my renowned interpersonal skills, they ignored me.

As Gandhi once said “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”, so I should expect to be mocked now.

Well, I am used to receiving the mockery of my colleagues and professional associates, but I must confess that this particularly hurts me. Today I saw a spike in usage, which I discovered related to a link from Mumsnet which appears to be mocking me.

Well, ladies, this is not a joke.

The Justice for Taxes Network should not be a source of amusement for you. I am not here for your enjoyment.

This blog is about promoting education and understanding of tax legislation so that the man on the street (yes, the man you privileged sexists) can read the Guardian and say, “yes, Murphy Richards is right and I know exactly why.”

That is as important as his knee jerk reaction to seeing the phrase “tax avoidance” which he has now been conditioned to rage at on a Pavlovian basis.

No, as a correct thinking Socialist, he must take the further step of recognising that “Murphy Richards is right because he is a tax expert and knows about these things.”

If he does not understand that, then I find his slavering over the latest scandal to be worthless.

So amidst your mockery of me, there will be those who recognise my genius and the Justice for Taxes message will resonate with them.

And when you come to fight me you will find that many amongst you will turn on you. Yes, even amongst the most ardent of your Mumsnet cabal you will find that some women can look beyond my chiselled features and the fact that I have testicles, and understand some of my philosophical prowess.

And those that do look, and see, will find that once the fight is over, they are on the winning side.

So, Cinnabar Red, if that is indeed your name, I will see you on the field of battle. So chuckle away, madam. It will be the last thing that I am aware of you chuckling at until then.


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