Many of you will have seen yesterday’s unsavoury story of Newsnight refusing to put me on television because I am a 56 year old white man.

I thought I might share my thoughts on it here, because this is one of the few places I am able to talk openly about this vile bigotry that has befallen me.

Three days ago I received a phone call from a researcher asking me if I had been missold PPI. I then told her that I wanted to appear on Newsnight to discuss it.

The researcher made some excuse about not being from Newsnight before hanging up after a rather protracted and confusing conversation.

The researcher then called me back some two hours later, putting on a different voice and pretending to ask me for a contact number for somebody else from the Justice for Taxes Network.

I refused and said they would have to put me on television, because there wasn’t anybody else who wasn’t operating undercover at present.

She said that they wanted somebody else. I asked why. She refused to tell me. I asked why. She wouldn’t say.

It was at this point that I said, “is this because I am a man?”

She was quiet for a short while before she said “sorry”. There was then an uncomfortable silence, almost as if she was waiting for me to respond to a question.

I said “I understand” and hung up, whilst looking through my Rolodex for Pauline Dacre’s number at The Daily Mail.

Pauline has long been a supporter of masculinist causes, and I knew I could rely on her to provide me with a platform that my voice could be heard from. She did not let me down.

Anyway, it was no surprise when I saw three women on Newsnight, discussing tax avoidance, my area of undoubtable expertise.

I only recognised Belinda Dodwell alongside two other women. They had presumably asked on these two young attractive brainless pieces of skirt only to balance out Belinda’s infamously masculine features.

Well, I thought this sort of discrimination had been banished to the dark days when Thatcher was prime minister, Elizabeth Taylor was the Queen and men were trapped by the glass ceiling, desperately seeking equality.

There were few male role models in those days, only those who had given up on their masculinity and achieved their position by behaving like women, such as Dustin Hoffman, Michael Barrymore or Barry Humphries.

I thought those days were past us. Evidently I was wrong.

Women are so used to their position of privilege, they don’t notice the need for change any more. It’s little things like the way that masculine nouns are used in such a derogatory way, when the feminine version is not. And these terms are only ever used to men, never women.

To have your own language form part of the chains set by those who enjoy the privilege you do not, and then They won’t even let you go on Newsnight.

This is what Rosa Parks or Steven Biko must have felt like.

How will people know about Justice for Taxes if I don’t tell them for the umpteenth time. The people need to see my face and hear my voice because they know that they can trust only me.

I am their Nelson Mandela. I am their Martin Luther King. I am their Spartacus.

Only I can lead us out of this dark age of Tax Apartheid.

Anybody who has read my almost sold out book, State of Courage (I have a limited number of copies available still), will know this.

If you still haven’t read it, I urge you to do so. It is the story of my struggle and it is a thoroughly enthralling, and profoundly moving, read.

I have a dream that one day you will be able to see a middle aged white man on any television show, if not every single television show.

Help me make that dream come true. Make a donation to the Justice for Taxes Network today.


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