A double surprise

People have been emailing me demanding to know what I think of the tax gap, why are They increasing it, where Shane Richie is hiding, who is going to win the 4.15 at Chepstow (I said Lamb or Cod), what are you wearing, how on earth do I calculate my tax liability (John Whiting that one) and how come I am so intelligent.

Well, I couldn’t answer all of those, though I tried. I am only mortal.

Given current events, many of you have guessed that I am busy working on my new tax gap calculation. Well you’re wrong.

You can’t improve on perfection, so I’ve just left that as is. The tax gap will probably always be £120bn.

But that’s more reason why we have to tackle the tax gap. It’s getting bigger.

I will comment on this at length at some point when I get the chance. This may surprise you but it will be through the medium of television: I am giving Channel 4’s alternate Queens Speech this year.

Yes, that is correct. Justice For Taxes had gained such a prolific profile this year that I will be looking out of your television set on Christmas Day telling you why you should be boycotting all of your Christmas presents except for the copy of the Joy of Being A Tax Expert, my new book which will be hitting the shelves in time for the festive season.

This may come as a second surprise to you, but I have written another amazing book which I will be promoting on my blog and your televisions soon.

I urge you to buy a copy for friends and family. They might get a bit lost during my speech otherwise. I will be referencing some charts and numbers from it.

So, I hope you see me soon, if not for Christmas by New Years night.


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