Time to regulate the tax industry?

With great power comes great responsibility. It is time that we, the members of the tax expert community, recognised that. The tax profession is pretty much unregulated.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, to say that a person cannot call themselves a tax expert, or a tax specialist, a tax adviser, a tax guru, a tax banana, a tax Messiah, a tax technician or king of tax experts.

This is evidenced by such people as Christie Malry, who makes claims to being the “a tax expert” and a “campaigner for tax justice”.

Worse still is that Richard Murphy who advises wealthy neoliberals to create highly artificial arrangements to avoid employers NICs on payments to their nannies. This is a man who doesn’t understand how corporation tax and income tax interact, doesn’t realise that dividends have a different effective rate at the additional rate to salary and yet wrote a detailed report on the effect of the additional rate without ever once discovering this fact.

For this reason I am creating a group of tax experts who will carry universal recognition as true tax experts. They will stand up to the forces of Neoliberalism and Tax Avoidance and demand once and for all for Justice For Tax. And I will be their leader.

This group will be called The League Of Extraordinary Tax Experts.

Only by registering with me will people know that the person they are talking to is indeed a tax expert and had been through the rigorous moral opprobrium that I shall carry out on a regular basis.

Applications for admission to The League Of Extraordinary Tax Experts can be made to me by email at MurphyRichardsX@live.co.uk

I will need an advance electronic payment for £1,495, which is non repayable in the event that your application is unsuccessful. This will cover my administrative costs and your first month’s membership fees if you reach the probationary stage.


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