Taxes are not just necessary, they are right

One of the issues that the Justice for Taxes Network tries to promote is the necessity of taxation.

We have had particular success this year as we have finally got taxes added to “death” on the OECD’s list of “certainties in life”.

People no longer say that there is only one certainty in life, being death. Now there are two. I think we all recognise what a significant moment that is.

Everybody should accept that taxes are a certainty. And now it is illegal to suggest otherwise.

However, we at the Justice for Taxes Network realise that this is not enough. We realise that compulsion to recognise the necessity of taxation, whilst an important first step, is insufficient to achieve Justice for Taxes.

We need to get people to really stigmatise resenting paying tax. Resentment is the first step on the path to tax avoidance. If we can stop tax avoidance at that point then we will be able to start achieving our goals.

Justice for Taxes is about understanding that money is only a force for good when it is in the hands of The State. Almost every single tragedy or crime committed by humanity has been done so by the private sector.

This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that we must keep the private sector under control by punitive tax regimes.

Not because tax has any behavioural consequences. No, I have disproved the Laffer effect. But because it is right.

High taxes are required on undesirable behaviour not to deter the underlying activity, but to punish it. People who use money for evil must be deprived of money.

This conclusion is the product of a unifying theory of mine which knits together two fundamental principles of Leftwing Politics: taxation and eugenics.

Tax Eugenics is a policy which involves ensuring the evil activities perpetrated by neoliberals result in their ultimate inability to pay to send their children to private school, so they decline to procreate.

Basically, evil neoliberals cannot adapt their ways because they are inherently evil, so they ultimately starve to death. And their poor genetic legacy dies with them.

On the other aside of the equation, by giving money to those who see The State as the only acceptable source of finance, those individuals thrive and can afford to have children.

In this way we allow good genes to survive and purge evil genes from our society.

Tax Eugenics is not just the goal of the JTN, but its moral obligation. We must bring this about because it is right and morally repugnant to do otherwise.

I look forward to receiving a direct debit mandate representing your support.


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