More HMRC incompetence!

Yesterday, I received an email from HMRC telling me that I was due a repayment of a little over two thousand pounds.

I was annoyed because I had filed my return on 6th of April. Of course they said they couldn’t accept my paper return because it wasn’t an official form, but ultimately they accepted it.

Now, the email was incredibly badly written but I was able to fathom that they needed my bank details to credit my account.

Following their instructions as best I could, I gave them comprehensive instructions how to make the payment to my account.

Now I find this afternoon that HMRC have in fact debited my account by almost thirteen thousand pounds!

Adding incompetence on top of incompetence, when I phoned HMRC’s helpline they told me that they never send out emails!

Well, I wasn’t going to accept that, so I told them that they were wrong and a liar, and I hung up. I am now writing a letter of complaint to Ed Hagger.

I am sure this is, in no small part, down to the ideological cuts made by the neoliberals running HMRC and their KPMG paymasters.

This little episode is definitive proof that austerity doesn’t work.


One thought on “More HMRC incompetence!

  1. Although they are extremely incompetent and horrible, your issue is not caused by HMRC. You have been scammed. HMRC will never mail anyone to offer them money.

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