That Richard Murphy has written a lampoon of this blog which repeats this almost verbatim. I would like to make clear, I wrote this ages ago.

The Justice for Taxes Network

My first response on reading this following document was, “somebody at the Revenue doesn’t understand the basic principles of international taxation”. My second response was that they should have paid me to write them something. My third was that they were joking.

Unfortunately, they appear to be serious and you will see why I view this as the ultimate surrender of HMRC.

(Not) Taxing the profits of (neoliberal) multinational (co-conspiring) businesses

It seems like HMRC are suggesting that the recent stories regarding Facebook and Google are nonsense. It seems that they are suggesting that, actually, they are paying the correct amount of tax, not only within the letter of the law, but the spirit too.

What sort of tosh is that? It is time we put this nonsense to bed.

Of course it’s not in the spirit of the law. It is not even within the strict reading of the…

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