Why did nobody burn Jimmy Savile?

Everybody seems to be asking why nobody openly questioned Jimmy Savile and called him a paedophile in public without evidence.

Here are some observations which you may wish to consider.

Firstly, perhaps you should ask what we can learn from this to prevent future incidents of this nature. This prompts my question, why has nobody arrested Shane Richie?

As the heir apparent to Jim’ll Fix It, the first action, now that we conclusively know that Savile was a paedophile, should be to ensure that Ritchie isn’t exactly the same.

My suggestion is a trial with Richie appearing as the defendant for Savile’s crimes.

Secondly, this gives me the opportunity to discuss politics.

When I was at university in the seventies, I was taking part in a debate where some awful neoliberals had put forward some sort of motion that all humans have inalienable rights, such as the right to life. They argued that if we wanted to have universal rights, they had to be universal and that s extend them even when we would dearly like not to.

At this point somebody in the audience said (forgive my language but I feel the coarse language confirms the authenticity of my story), “what? Even nonces?

I sensed the opportunity to win the argument and before anybody else replied I shouted “burn all paedophiles!”

I felt the room stirring and knew that if I could now discredit my opposition I had won the debate. Every time somebody opened their mouth to say something, presumably neoliberal sophistry or lies, I shouted “lies! Sophistry!” until their mouth had closed altogether.

They knew they had lost the argument, so people slowly started to leave the room until there were only my die hard supporters left in the room.

The motion was defeated, whatever it was. I knew I had found my calling in life.

Right, back to Savile, he was an awful paedophile. Need I say more?

Yes. He was a Conservative, and that shows how the Tories prey on the weak like paedophiles do.

It shows why liberal values of individual rights and freedoms are inherently flawed. Because freedoms and rights can be abused.

The Courageous Politician will know what is right and therefore be able to arbitrarily decide whether somebody’s notional rights have been infringed. But because they are morally correct, if they say we can burn a paedophile, clearly that is a morally correct action.

To truly understand what I mean by a Courageous Politician, you will have to read my book State of Courage which is available at selected retail outlets or you can email me for a copy.


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