Through the looking glass

As I have said, Neoliberalism moves in dark mysterious ways. Until recently it feels like I have been living underground, eating from a can and running away from things I don’t understand.

Not any more.

Now some of the key players are emerging from the shadows. My belief is that several of them have openly colluded in trying to show my figures to be inaccurate and unsound.

They hope to hide in plain sight by talking openly about secretive tax expert secrets that appear to contradict my own research.

Foremost of these is Christie Malry, a failed author from the 1970s. Having completely misunderstood the concept of double entry, Malry now tries to discredit me at every opportunity.

Fortunately, because I am always right, I have never been caught out.

Another major player is Mike Truman, editor of Taxation magazine. He has sided with the forces of Neoliberalism at inopportune times, despite always agreeing with me. So he has been dishonest by being disinclined to always agree with me and only agreeing with me openly, but in a slightly undermining easy, when it appears to suit his own Machiavellian purposes.

Then there is Ben Saunders, who is some sort of gopher for Mike Truman. He acts as a go between between Truman and Mallory, passing sensitive and confidential information. Information that is not widely known, such as the published rate of tax on dividends.

He also uses a pseudonym whilst claiming to be a Chartered Tax Adviser. This is unethically dubious behaviour, as there is no CTA called Brian Sanders!

My first step in naming and shaming these tools of Neoliberalism and sophistry, is to start exposing all the links in the chain between those who openly attack me and the person who I know to be at the head of this Global Neoliberal Conspiracy.

I will name him now. It is Bono.

Yes that’s right, Bono is the head of the global conspiracy. How many links there are between him and Christine Mallory, I do not know. I have counted two above.

Maybe none. Is Ben Sanders really Paul Hewson, aka The Bono? I think not, but nothing surprises me nowadays, especially the way that different people come up with exactly the same criticisms of my work.

Know this, my foemen, I have an insurance policy in the event of my death. I have more information on you than I state here.

However, I wish to destroy your entire conspiracy, not just the small part I know about. That’s why I will never produce evidence to support my claims.

I have evidence. Oh boy, do I have evidence. Do I have evidence? Yes. But that is my insurance policy, it is what keeps me alive.

For now.


5 thoughts on “Through the looking glass

    • What do I have on him? As in some form of cheap ad hominem attack that you’d expect from a neoliberal? As in idle gossip with no evidence or foundation that I may be using for leverage, like some vile slander capitalist?

      You’ll find out soon enough.

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