The spread of the lies of austerity

The other day my wife was looking through our bank statements and was remarking that we had an awful lot of direct debits.

In particular she picked out some of my subscriptions to magazines such as Model Railway Controller Weekly, Activism Journal, The Righteous Economist, Narrow Gauge Railway Enthusiast, Good Housekeeping, Socialists Wives and so on. She questioned whether these were necessary expenses given how finances were a bit lean at present. She suggested we considered canceling one or two.

Yes, I’m sure you can see the flaw in her thinking too.

I kindly sat her down at the kitchen table and explained that until she closed the expectation gap I had calculated for her earnings, we would not entertain thoughts of austerity in the Richards household.

To ensure she understood the point, I showed her that I had actually increased in real terms my subscriptions budget for 2013.

It’s a simple point but one which most people forget because it is so simple. If spending exceeds income, you have to earn more. It is the only option.

I tell you this story not to embarrass my wife, but to show you how pervasive neoliberal lies are that they now have spread into our very own homes.


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