The Laffer effect debunked

One of my many talents lies with computer programming. I recently used an excel spreadsheet to calculate the actual effect of an increase in tax rates. I started with known tax rates and then used hypothetical situations to play out what would happen with an increase in tax.

I repeated this experiment using different variables, such as the surplus or deficit of The State, the growth or negative growth in the economy, and the starting size of GDP.

I also included variables such as the size of the shadow economy, international leaching of tax revenues and emigration of neoliberals in response to moralising by the plebs.

I was pleased to see that the results were exactly as I had anticipated. They showed that there was no Laffer effect. See the graph of my results below:

Quite the opposite of tax revenues tailing off once a certain level was reached, I noticed that the tax revenues achieved corresponded very closely with the actual tax rate.

I felt this was too precise to be an accident. Something was wrong.

It took me a little while to realise it, but it was obvious when I came to the conclusion: the Laffer effect was a lie propagated by a global cabal of neoliberals in a concerted attack on democracy.

This was a lie spread with one purpose: to suppress my work in achieving Justice for Taxes.

There is no other explanation. As Sherlock Holmes said, once you have eliminated all that is possible, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, must be true. Elementary.

This explained perfectly why, every time I published research, somebody would immediately point out how my work was “flawed” or “highly misleading”. It explained how so many people who appeared to be independent of each other and with no obvious connection, would point out exactly the same flaw in my works.

I am willing to accept that neoliberals share the same inherent flaws in their morality, but not necessarily in their logic. I must confess that I felt a little unnerved, and had started to doubt myself.

However, thanks to support from the trade unions and far Left activists everywhere, I have kept faith in my numbers.

Sometimes it is easy to accept that the world is the result of billions of individuals acting independently and creating seeming chaos. I understand that. But once you realise I am right, and I hope my graph helps persuade you, you realise that there are dark powers that act to undermine the lives of ordinary people.

But ordinary people like you can help. If you can help support an extraordinary person like myself to stand up for Justice for Taxes and put an end to the ideological suppression of the workers, maybe there is hope.


4 thoughts on “The Laffer effect debunked

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