Some facts about austerity

When I heard that Spanish tax revenues were down by two thirds and companies were abandoning the country for tax havens such as the UK, it put a little spring in my step.

It’s things like this that show how tax havens make austerity worse.

Companies leave and take their profits with them and so governments have to raise taxes on the plebs left behind. This encourages more businesses to leave so the tax hikes get even steeper and the cuts get larger and more people get unemployed creating more burden on The State. And so on.

In order for governments to be able to levy punitive taxes on the wealthy, they need to get them to stay put. Then they can get the funds they need from them.

I am told that we can’t arrest them and detain then indefinitely. Or at least, we can’t until some of my amendments to the human rights act are amended.

We can’t make then stay against their will, but we can stop them wanting to go elsewhere. I figure we should do this by basically destroying these tiny tax havens which distort world trade so much.

Again, the obvious solution is illegal, apparently, so I am referring to a literal destruction of them, rather than an actual destruction.

But we can bring economic ruin to them very easily. We can put trade embargoes on them and use international waters around them for military exercises.

Then, until we colonise space, perhaps we can tax the wealthy properly as they bloody well deserve.

What was I taking about?

Oh yes, it was Spain. Well, the fact that their revenues are down is conclusive proof that tax havens are immoral. If you can’t follow my logic you must be stupid on a neoliberal scale.


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