The morning after

I woke up this morning in a rather melancholy mood.

After the events of yesterday and the birth of One Nation Socialism, I had hoped to discuss at length with other delegates plans for exploiting Ed Miliband’s new found popularity.

I think everybody was really excited and I anticipated an evening of discussing spending plans for the extra money that an increase in the top rate of tax would bring.

However, I soon realised that other delegates were more interested in having copious amounts of alcohol and behaving like children.

Now, it may be partly that I don’t drink and it partly may be that most of the delegates opted for foreign lagers which inevitably feed the wealthy’s piles of cash in tax havens, but this left me rather deflated and depressed.

I came back to my room and drew up various spending plans by myself.

But it raises a serious point in my mind about those who suffer from depression or low mood. These people often seek help to go and overcome their issues. This is nonsense.

What they are feeling is in fact despair at existing in a prolifically neoconservative society. Instead of taking the pills and therapy to accept their despair and live a useful life, they should let that despair fester into anger and, yes, hatred.

Marx tells us that revolution is inevitable because the masses will see the inequity of society. How are the masses supposed to revolt if they are happy?

Socialism is inevitable, that is a fact. But people are allowing themselves to be placated with antidepressants, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. This is a form of delusion that transfers the blame from neoliberal society’s failures onto themselves.

This is how people become indoctrinated with Neoliberalism. They start deluding themselves that they can deal with “their” problems and simply accept the failures of society.

So instead of using their righteous hated to change society and others’ behaviour, they just get on with their lives happy, but contributing to a failed ideology.

No, far better for them to suffer and find socialism.

So, feeling much happier that my mood was in fact the virtuous product of being one step further down the road to socialism, I decided to have breakfast in bed as a little treat.

Dear reader, I must confess that I even allowed myself to have a croissant.


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