Checklist for Labour

Ed Miliband is clearly being tempted to woo the voters by taking the centre ground. I think this is nonsense.

What people want is Socialism, not a tempered version of it.

So, here are five things that Labour should promise to do:

1. Put people to work making green energy sources such as people sized hamster wheels. Plebs are unskilled and not educated enough to create innovative technology and until we can breed a more intelligent working class the most we can use them for is labour.

2. Close the tax gap. This can be done by making disagreeing with HMRC a criminal offence.

3. Bring the NHS back into public ownership by making all GPs employees of the NHS. This can be done easily by making it illegal to practice medicine unless you are employed by the NHS. Mrs Richards who is a doctor agrees with me on this so it must be a popular idea.

4. Break up the banks. Banks should only be allowed to operate from single premises where they must keep the physical money. All banks must pay for a State Officer who will count their money at the end of every day and report this to the newly formed Ministry of Money.

5. Build loads of social housing, employing lots of people and destroying the housing market from the bottom up. The State can then acquire property cheaply and build more social housing. This can be aided by making construction a State regulated industry and making it illegal to build using a private sector contractor.

That’s not much to ask is it?


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