The thickness of a prison wall

Denis Healey once described the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion as being the thickness of a prison wall.

I always thought a prison wall ought to be quite thick, but nevertheless people seem to get the point.

So, when I discovered this tax avoidance scheme for saving money on paying your nanny making blatant reference to keeping you out of jail, my natural reaction was to file a report to my money laundering officer.

The horror of this scheme is that the author recognises the nature of the relationship between nanny and employer. Yes, it’s an employment and the author seeks to undermine the relationship by inserting a company.

What’s worse is that the employer is advised to force the nanny to set up a company. This is exactly what the BBC did to Jeremy Paxman.

And who has a nanny anyway? Only the sort of wealthy neoliberal who reads this right wing rag.

Feel sorry for bespoke childcare executives (as they prefer to be called) where conniving accountants seek to make more work for themselves by getting their employers to force them into running a company.

This could only happen under a Conservative government.

Now you have read my interpretation, you may safely read the offending article here.


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